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How to take care of your windows

We Recommend:

  • You carry out routine maintenance on your windows, doors and conservatory at least twice a year. This may need to be done more frequently in areas of high exposure.
  • All parts of your windows and doors that are exposed when closed, should be washed down with warm soapy water using a soft cloth, rinsed well and dried thoroughly.
  • Any parts that are exposed when the window and doors are open, should simply be wiped clean, removing any grime, dirt, insect remains or old lubricant.
  • To avoid any cleaning agents that have ammonia in them or that are abrasive, particularly on handles and other metal fittings.
  • Special attention is paid to keep drainage channels clear and free from any blockages.

Cleaning uPVC Profiles

Dirty marks on uPVC frames can easily be removed by using the cleaning materials shown in the table below. Note: Cleaning cloths should be unbleached cellulose/cotton material. Do not use cloths containing synthetic fibres.


Moving Parts

Moving parts and fixings should be treated as follows:

  • A light application of oil, to keep the locking mechanism in good working order.
  • A suitable acid and resin free grease should be used on sliding bars, gears, and face plates.
  • Maintenance of friction stays is important and we recommend that you follow the guidelines for lubrication and adjustment.

Note: Hardware should be operated and maintained strictly in accordance with manufacturers instructions.


Ventilation Control

Windows can be fitted with a trickle ventilation unit. This is designed so that you can control ventilation and minimise any build up of condensation. Simply open or close the ventilator. No maintenance is required.



  • Regularly clean the window glass with a clear liquid spray glass cleaner.
  • Regularly clean the uPVC surrounds with warm soapy water.
  • Twice a year wash down the uPVC with warm soapy water, rinse well and wipe dry.


  • Do not paint uPVC window frames.
  • Avoid all paste and cream cleaners.
  • Never use any type of bleach, solvent or abrasive.


This information is designed to help you take care of your Frames Direct windows and doors.